Monday, January 21, 2013

Preperation for 'Buddy Burner' food

This buddy burner is made of two tin cans, cardboard and candle wax.
Are there any people you are catering for that require special food considerations.  Those who have intolerance's or religious doctrines need careful consideration before any one cuts or prepares any food. Preparation may require a separate set of boards, knives and cooking gadgets.  Including a second 'Buddy Burner'.  Even what you use to prepare the cooking surfaces needs attention.

Sort out what is going to be messiest when you chop.  The dry goods get cut first.  Leading on through the vegetables or fruit that has less water content that the other vegetable's or fruit.  For instance chopping up a honey dew melon is 'wetter' than cutting up fruit cake.  So the fruit cake will be done before the honey due and the bread slices before the fruit cake. Any dairy goods will be done after the fruit cake but before the vegetable items that do not need cooking -salad items. The meat [on this case the sausages] will be dealt with last.

 Chop up the following ingredients in this order. Putting each ingredient into different containers since they all have various cooking times.

Preparing the desert.
  1. A large slice of Fruit cake... then cut into small bite slice thicknesses.
  2. Open the Carton of premade custard.
Preparing the sliced fried bread
  1. Cut into slices the bread
  2. Make sure there is butter there for frying the bread.

Making a side dish
  1. Cut up the salad ingredients [ these can all go into a bowl together] and mix.  You are not heating the salad ingredients as this is a side dish.
Including a raw fruit to go with dessert.
  1. Strawberries and honeydew melon are cut about now.

Sorting out your main meal
  1. 1x  Apple- chopped and sliced smallish.
  2. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half.
  3. Cut the Sausage in half then slit the raw sausage down one side.

Although the things were prepared from one to four in this descending order you cook these in the opposite order.  That is from the main meal to the hot bread and then to the warming of the custard.  Simply as this is the way you eat the items you have prepared.
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